NATO: 7030-14-574-8997

The powerful ISR pack of applications : a viewer, an analyzer and a streamer of STANAG 4609 files/streams.




VISU_4609 is a software solution which synchronously decodes in real time, video and telemetry data in a single multi-layered interactive display environment.


SPY_4609 is a software solution which analyses a STANAG 4609 file.

 Decoding PSI tables and descriptors defined in ISO 13818-1 MPEG-2

Header « Metadata Access Unit »

Program Map Table

Monitoring key presence (traced in the log file).

Monitoring MPEG2-TS discontinuity.

Consistency check between video PES and metadata PES (through PTS) for synchronous stream.

Possibility to force PID ES extraction.

Results of the extraction of metadata in a CSV file


 STREAM_4609 is a software solution which, in real time, streams over RTP/IP, all elementary streams included in the MPEG TS input file. Streaming over RTP/IP can be achieved using unicast or multicast or broadcast method.

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