Miniature and Rugged product:



Miniature & rugged H.265/H.264 Encoder

STANAG 4609 metadata multiplexer

Raw / compressed Recorder & Replay

With real time Image Processing & Machine Learning



The FOCUS-AIM is a new rugged image processing hardware featuring video, audio, photo and metadata CODEC, streaming & recording.

FOCUS-AIM is ready to link multi sensors EO/IR turret to onboard datalink with streaming optimization of latency / quality / bandwidth (IP, LOS, satellite, GSM). Image Processing (e.g., stabilization, tracking, ROI) and Machine Learning capabilities can be tuned according to customer application.

FOCUS-AIM includes a Hosting Platform for custom realtime IP&AI algorithms. A Hosting Development Kit is provided (including SDK and devkit) to develop, tweak and execute custom algorithms.

FOCUS-AIM includes a metadata multiplexer with picture synchronization and KLV generation supporting industry standard MIPS specifications. An embedded recorder, using Solid-State Disk, stores each generated media streams and replays them for direct display or VOD. Uncompressed video recording with associated metadata is also supported.





Key Features:

SD/HD HEVC/H.265, H.264 high profile

Real time Image processing

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning

Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence hosting

Metadata multiplexing, streaming and transcoding

Very low latency mode, Ultra low data rate, CBR

Uncompressed HD video with KLV Recording

Multi-profile streaming (LOS, LAN, SATCOM, GSM)

JPEG Burst photo with KLV (Step & Stare)

Remote control & monitoring

Rugged and miniature design



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