Rugged Avionic Products:



Complete Rugged up to 4x 1080p60

I.S.R. Coder, Streamer, Recorder & Replay



The FOCUS-AI is a new rugged coder / decoder / image processing hardware based on a powerful GPU and a FPGA.

FOCUS-AI is dedicated to stream high quality videos over satellite, IP networks.

FOCUS-AI is ready to link multi sensor EO/IR Turret to onboard modem.

FOCUS-AI offers Image Processing (tracking, stabilization, fusion, ROI), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities that can be tuned according to customer application.

FOCUS-AI includes a metadata multiplexer with picture synchronization. Metadata acquisition and KLV generation support industry standard MIPS specifications.

FOCUS-AI includes an embedded recorder & replayer with a removable rugged Solid-State Disk which can be read/copy by a standard PC.





Key Features:

SD/HD HEVC/H.265, H.264 high profile

Image processing

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Metadata multiplexing and streaming

Very low latency mode, Ultra low data rate, CBR

Rugged DO160 design

Multi-profile streaming (SATCOM, LOS, HQ)

JPEG Burst photo with KLV (Step & Stare)

Installation NATO rail mounting compliant

Software upgradeability



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